Open Line to Jesus

Global H&S

I’d like to share with you a new message from our CEO Fernando Gonzalez related to our Heath and safety performance in the first half of this year.  It is good to see that the UK is not in the list of hot spots…..

Thanks for your hard work in keeping everyone safe.  Unfortunately we had 2 LTI’s in the first 6 months of this year and that is too many.  As you know our goal is Zero and there are many countries with Zero LTI’s in the first half of the year.  So ZERO is possible.  Let’s continue working hard to be the best for our families.

Stay Safe.  Jesus

 Dear colleagues,

At the Executive Committee meeting this week we carried out a detailed review of our H&S performance for the first half of 2015 and it was very pleasing to see that the majority of our operations continue to improve, with many performing to excellent standards. Of special note are those that have achieved ZERO recordable fatalities and LTI’s YTD. I congratulate and thank them for protecting people and helping to reinforce the minimum standards of safety that we expect in CEMEX. I include a list of those operations below.

In contrast, there are a relatively small number of operations that are still some way off the performance levels for safety we require. Some have experienced recordable fatalities; in fact there have been 10 YTD on a global basis. This is of major concern to my colleagues and me, because there is no greater failure than not preserving the lives and integrity of people. I am personally saddened by these events and the devastating effects on the families of the deceased.

I expect everyone to pay particular attention to preventing further tragedies and the Executive Committee will continue to require all line managers to view this as their unconditional priority as a leader in CEMEX. In my email to you on the 24th June, I requested 3 specific actions to help prevent future fatalities. I am anticipating that everyone is making good progress with those actions by now and I look forward to receiving confirmation, via the Regional Presidents, that any gaps in requirements are being closed.

In terms of our global employee LTI Rate reduction target of 0.5 for this year, we are still off track, although the number of incidents has decreased in the past 3 months and our Rate has now reduced to 0.8 YTD. I am very pleased about this improvement, and am certain that we can still reach 0.5, but we need everyone’s continued and relentless efforts to continue preventing these, and in fact, all types of injuries. There are still a number of Hot Spot operations in our organization, although most of them have made significant progress in the past 3 months. I have been holding discussions with the senior leaders of Hot Spots to review their challenges and offer my support and will continue to do so if required. The main Hot Spots to date are also listed below.

Please remember, ZERO injury operations are expected in CEMEX and they are actually the norm, not the exception. 97% of our individual operations have ZERO fatalities and LTI’s to date. If you have operations that are currently within the remaining 3%, you are expected to influence the improvement needed and become part of the norm as quickly as possible.

I am relying on your personal leadership and expect your full collaboration and commitment to make sure we achieve a safety performance we can all be proud of at CEMEX.

Best regards,