Open Line to Jesus

Goodbye my friend

I met you for the first time back in May 2011. Since the first time we met, I was hugely impressed with your talents: a very strategic view of the Company, the way you transformed very complex issues into less complex problems, your analytical and presentation skills, your passion for the Company and for the work you were doing, etc.

 I was very fortunate to have you working for CEMEX during these years. You were instrumental in projects like our Vision and Strategy, developing of our Business plan to become CVA positive by 2016, your contribution to the Ready Mix pricing project (both in the UK and globally), Working Capital reduction, Project Advance, Blackwater Aggregates, Barrington, etc. You were also a huge support for me in preparing presentations for the annual Roadshows, the ExCo meetings, Down the Line, Regional meetings, etc … You left a legacy that we will always remember.

But the most incredible part of you was your human quality: you were always in a good mood, always willing to support, always looking at the glass half full, always with a smile in your face, always positive, always going the extra mile …

You were also very well regarded in other parts of CEMEX. I have received many messages from different people across CEMEX that I’d liked to share here:

“Juan was a very smart and hard worker but above all a great person and friend. Someone with whom working hard in team was just having fun.

We are losing a great person and good friend. He left us too early and I am sure we all will miss him.

Juan was a very smart, hard working person dedicated to our company, but above all a great person and friend.

All who knew Juan in CEMEX in Madrid, turned sad when I informed them of the terrible news… when it used to be that they smiled when we discussed with/about Juan. What a great lost!!

He was a great man and a great force in the UK Business as well as across the wider CEMEX – a lot of people knew him and will miss him very much.

Very sad news for everyone who knew Juan.  We will miss his energy, talent and friendship

Juan will be very much missed. We will honor his memory and friendship.

Juan was such an outstanding, gentle soul. He achieved so many goals with our (achieve) group. I remember some times when we worked together in Miami, London and Barcelona.

It was a honour to work with him and have had a friend. I will miss Juan”

I’m going to miss you a lot: I will miss our football discussions during lunch time at the canteen, I will miss our conversations about Venezuela, restaurants, holidays, families, sports … and I will miss your 100% unconditional support …

Goodbye my friend