Open Line to Jesus

Please Focus on Slips, Trips and Falls

After a good effort to reduce these type of incidents, I’m very concerned about our trend in the last 6 weeks in which we have suffered 4 accidents related to slips, trips and falls.

Slips, trips and falls incidents are relevant in all areas of our business (plants and offices) and we are exposed to these type of accidents. I encourage you to follow up on this safety alert and ensure that we implement Andy’s recommendations below.

Through initiatives such as Get a Grip, housekeeping and steps & stairways audits, we have had some good success in recent years reducing the number of injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls; however in the last few weeks we have seen the number of this type of incident increase sharply, with colleagues suffering some particularly serious injuries.  Year to date 5 out of 10 of our total recordable injuries (TRIs) have resulted from slips, trips and falls, with 4 of these occurring in the last 6 weeks.

The attached Safety Alerts outline two of these recent injuries.  Please discuss them with employees and contractors, asking whether everyone always:

  • Follows designated pedestrian routes?
  • Avoids taking short cuts?
  • Ensures they are wearing suitable footwear, that is in good condition?
  • Gets a Grip and maintains 3 points of contact, holding handrails on steps and stairways?
  • Avoids any tendency to rush?
  • Steps In if they see someone not following the Safety Essentials?

Designated pedestrian routes on our sites should be maintained in good condition, with suitable housekeeping, drainage and lighting?… Please encourage your Teams to keep work areas tidy and raise near miss/hazard alert cards where defects are observed?