Open Line to Jesus

Please get a grip on H&S

Slips, Trips and Falls is by far our number 1 cause of incidents. We ALL need to do more to stop these type of incidents.

Please use last weeks accident to remind everyone about these key questions:

  • Does everyone maintain 3 points of contact on steps and stairways and when using ladders?
  • Are there designated walkways around your site that are kept in good order, free from debris, snow and ice, physically segregated from vehicles and adequately lit? Does everyone always follow the designated safe walkways?
  • Do you always STEP IN if you see anything you believe may be unsafe?

Congratulations to the Sand Harrier crew for their incident free achievements. Also well done to all the BEST in Sector businesses that presented to the senior team. It was a difficult decision to choose the runners up for the Safety Sword. Good luck to Paving  Solutions and Cement Rugby plant in the final decision. Let’s build on these positive news to keep everyone safe.


I encourage everyone to participate in the MPA Awards. Positive recognition is very important to reinforce our Safety culture

Have a safe and nice week