Open Line to Jesus

Take Extra Care In Dangerous Weather Conditions

Last week in Buxton there was a road incident where one of our tipper trucks collided with the back of a stationary refuse lorry whilst driving in patchy/thick fog.  Thankfully the driver was able to take evasive action minimising the risk of injury to himself and to one of the refuse collectors who was stood at the rear of his lorry.

In the meantime this reminds us of the importance of following the Driving Essentials, including specifically:

  • Seatbelts Save Lives – Wear your seatbelt and make sure any passengers do as well.
  • Watch Your Speed – Keep below the limit and adjust your speed to suit road and weather conditions.
  • Fit and Alert – Ensure you are fit to drive: hydrated, well rested, and free from the influence of alcohol and drugs.