Open Line to Jesus

The Best Award Is To Go Home Safely

Unfortunately we suffered another LTI the week before last breaking a trend of two consecutive weeks injury free. Slips, trips and falls account for half of our most serious injuries. In this case it seems that lack of proper housekeeping was a contributing factor to this accident. Good housekeeping is good safety.

Please ensure that your work areas in plant and offices are kept in order and remove all potential trip hazards.

The good news is that last week we keep everyone safe. Congratulations to all of you and your teams for this achievement. Let’s stay safe this week.

Finally, well done to all business areas that have been nominated for the MPA Health and Safety awards. Good luck this week! Regardless of the outcome of these awards you are all winners for me. Let’s never forget that the best award that we can receive is to go back home to our Families SAFE every day.