Open Line to Jesus

Very Important Safety Message

As I’m sure you have heard, one of our employees lost his life as a result of a workplace injury over the weekend. James Brownlie (Jimmy), a fitter at West Calder Block Plant, suffered fatal injuries whilst working on the production equipment on Saturday morning. Jimmy was 64 years old and looking forward to his retirement and spending more time with his wife and family. Our recent terrible trend of injuries that started back in April last year, is continuing and in fact not improving. I encourage you to watch my video message attached in the link below. Please allow 15 minutes to watch the video.

When watching the video please reflect on what more we must do to prevent further injuries and the tragic impact that these accidents have on so many people. We all have the moral obligation to look after ourselves and our colleagues and to keep everyone safe … It’s not acceptable that anyone lose their life or is seriously injured at work.


Jesus Gonzalez
Country President CEMEX UK