Open Line to Jesus

We Must Stop Hurting People

As you may have heard our recent terrible trend of injuries, which started back in April, is continuing, in fact if anything it is getting worse. We have already had 5 TRIs this month and, whilst the circumstances have not been confirmed, I can advise that sadly one of our truckmixers was involved in a fatal road traffic incident in London last week in which a 79 year old pedestrian died.

I encourage you to watch my Health and Safety video message attached in the link below. Please allow 15 minutes to watch the video. You can also download it, watch it offline, and share with your teams if they don’t have access to Lotus Notes. Please share your reactions to this video on this blog:!Al2hYrMQQSswgak9EKM8F7qBP4XKDQ

I need your support to stop hurting people. You can make the difference.