Open Line to Michel

Michel’s Safety Message

It is very pleasing and encouraging to report on our 15th consecutive LTI and TRI-free week for employees.

I congratulate everyone for this performance that clearly shows that we, as a UK Team, can definitely deliver on our ZERO 4 Life commitment as long as we stay 100% focused and consistently demonstrate safe behaviour and attitude every time, everywhere. Especially, we must stay alert and conscious of risks and always STEPPING IN when we perceive any unsafe behaviour or risk. Consistency and risk awareness form the corner stone of consistent safety performance.

I would also take the opportunity to raise your attention on our driving essentials, encouraging you to watch the video link in the “do not overtake” story. It is retrospectively very scary, thinking of irremediable consequences had our driver not been 200% alert and/or did not have the right reflex. This frontal collision avoidance speaks for his extraordinary experience and driving skills.

Best Regards,