Open Line to Michel

Safety Message From Michel

It is very pleasing to report on a LTI and TRI free week for both employees and contractors. I am sure that through having a continuous attitude to safe behaviour and respect of our Health & Safety policies at any time, we’ll replicate this performance and make it a UK business standard.

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the start of the National Road Safety Week. In support of this we are launching a hard hitting campaign about the risks of using mobile phones whilst driving.  These campaign materials include a 3 minute information film accessible via the following link. I encourage you all to watch it and share it with your family and friends in order to stimulate thoughts provoking conversations on the use and risks of using mobile phones whilst driving.

Link to view or download the film:

I would like to thank personally all those who participate to the preparation of this campaign and more particularly Carl Milton, Regional Logistics Manager, for pulling together the campaign materials.

Take care,