A New Record Has Been Set at Rugby Packaging Plant

The packing plant team have recently been working tirelessly with Arodo (machine manufactures) in an effort to increase throughput of line three (plastic packer).

They have made great improvements while servicing the machine and performing critical modifications to the release and cleaning probes system.

As a result of this, two new daily records have been set; producing 812 tonnes (32,480 bags) on and 908 tonnes (36,320 bags) on consecutive days. The previous daily record (set on the 1st of July last year) was 709 tonnes (28,360 bags), so congratulations to everyone involved in producing a 200 tonne and 28% increase in throughput!.

The packing plant team will continue to work with Arodo to ensure best practices are implemented in order to achieve a reliable enhanced operation of the machine. These improvements and efforts will push the packing plant forward in fulfilling CEMEX’s customer service promise and help to grow this important product line within the market place.