A Thriving Hub Of Aggre’great’ness

Jamie Keeble and the Dagenham Wharf Team have just taken delivery of a shiny new Fuchs crane. This is a further £1.5m investment in the wharf in Dagenham.

Simply put, the crane is a very large excavator that digs material out of ships on the river and puts it onto a conveyor. The conveyor then takes the material to the land side where it is stocked and sold out by trucks to the London market.  The crane means that we can provide an extra sales line at the wharf from other Quarries such as our own Raynes Quarry in North Wales.  It is all part of our strategy to grow the aggregates business.

The initial tonnage will be 250,000 a week which equates to one or two ship loads. Whilst the actual unloading will be done by contractors, Wharf Manager, Jamie Keeble and Assistant Manager, Steve Batty, will be responsible for the overall operations and maintenance.

This is a great investment in our relatively new Dagenham Wharf which for many years was a derelict site and is now a thriving hub of aggre’great’ness!!