A58 Woodhouse Tunnel Phase 1 – Successfully Completed

When CEMEX Paving Solutions North secured a Carillion and Leeds City Council contract to plane and resurface through the A58 Woodhouse Tunnel in Leeds, it required some careful planning and collaboration with CEMEX internal partners and some key suppliers to deliver the scheme safely and on time for the customer.

Phase 1 of the scheme required 5,500m2 of existing surface course 25mm thick and 15mm of reinforced concrete to be planed out.  The existing concrete base was then inspected and repaired before a Glass Grid Asphalt Reinforcement could then be installed and the carriageway could be resurfaced with 40mm of 35/14 HRA Surf PMB with 65 PSV chippings. All this had to be carried out under a weekend closure of the EB tunnel which has 4.8m high height restriction.  Where it was not possible to tip conventional wagons, walking floor trucks had to be employed.

Matt Crowder, Business Manager, commented: “I would like to thank Ronnie Simpson and the Logistics Team for procuring the walking floor trucks, Martin Ashfield and Andy Watkinson for technical support, the Team at Selby Coating Plant for producing the asphalt, Grimsby local Plant for the PCC and the whole Paving Solutions Team for the hard work and effort they put in over the weekend.

I also received an email from Pete Cranston, Carillion Site Agent, passing his appreciation and thanks to all involved for the coordination and their professional approach to the works.

We now need a repeat performance on the 27th and 28th February for the WB tunnel.”