Another 100% Success for Kensworth Quarry!

Congratulations to the Kensworth Quarry Team whose recent FM Global Insurance visit to the Quarry and Chalk Processing Plant was a 100% success. 

The Insurers awarded another perfect score to the site. Last year the site received their first 100% score with zero recommendations and this year they managed to maintain the same excellent mark. To put this achievement into context, the Insurer commented that “Kensworth is the only site that he visits (across all clients) that has nil recommendations and a 100% score.”

What led to these excellent scores? The Rugby Quarries Maintenance Coordinator, Mark Gough, and Quarry Manager, Martin Lithgo, work together to build a good Team ethos on the site, resulting in area ownership. Other factors include having a good maintenance regime in place which includes up to date NDT inspections, oil and vibration analysis, electrical inspections including HV switchgear testing and fixed wire testing along with thermal imaging surveys of running equipment and wiring.

The final elements which Mark commented helped tip the scales, was holding a good set of contingency plans for failures such as a main power loss.

Additionally, the Pipeline Engineer, Paul Russell, has implemented an excellent inspection regime and developed measures to increase the pipeline life span, including a UV treatment plant to treat the site water which reduces pipeline eating bacteria. (Kensworth supplies Rugby Plant with chalk slurry for the cement production process which is pumped some 90 km along a high pressure pipeline!)

This fantastic achievement is a credit to all the members of the Kensworth Quarry Team.