Better Never Stops… Asphalt Hold Their First Conference

Last week Asphalt held their 1st ever Asphalt Conference…. The conference theme was ‘better never stops’.

They had over 60 attendees including Peter Luxmore from Health & Safety, Lex, the Asphalt Commercial Team, Asphalt Operations Team (Plant Managers), Logistics, Supply Chain Managers, Technical Team, Procurement, Business Performance and Environmental.

The theme of the day was ‘better never stops’ – the essence being that Asphalt are doing well across the stakeholder groups but are not ‘the best/as good as we can be’ in any of them. They, therefore, need to challenge themselves to be better every day. It was also clear that there are many opportunities to seize upon – across all areas of the business. They also used the conference as a platform to launch their 5 new value added Asphalt solutions.

Garry Gregory commented: “Perhaps of most impact was Martyn Powell (Bletchley) who suffered an accident at work 3 years ago but was kind enough to talk to the audience about the consequences of his accident. We also had an external speaker (Jamie Andrew) who gripped the audience with an hour long talk about a mountaineering accident he suffered and despite losing his hands and feet; he described the journey he has been on since the accident which includes walking again, learning to ski and culminating in climbing a mountain again. His talk was all about setting challenges every day to do more/be better, which knitted in nicely with the overall conference theme.”

The conference also included the evening Oscars which were a great opportunity to recognise the Team for the great efforts they have put in during the last 12 months or so.  Whilst they picked Oscar winners, all the nominations were worthy of winning.