Brentwood Concrete Plant Completes Batch Cabin Refurb

Brentwood Concrete Plant in Cluster 14 has just had its batch cabin and electrics replaced. The Project was given the go ahead late in 2014 due to the continued deterioration of its batch cabin and electrics but wasn’t straight forward as the batch cabin was situated under the loading conveyor meaning a straight lift out and in was not possible.

The work began in Feb 2015 and involved the Cluster Team, Maintenance Dept and a number of Vendors. The electrics had to be cut off – so the existing cabin could be removed – and once the new cabin was erected, which had to be placed through the front of the plant, the whole batch cabin then required re-wiring and re-connecting to the mains incoming supply along with Ginco being installed fully.

Matthew Yaxley, Cluster Manager, would like to thank the various Vendors that assisted with this refurb and also extend his thanks to the Maintenance Dept and local Cluster Team that made it as near hassle free as possible through great collaboration, Team work, and of course, communication.

The pictures below show before and after photos and the picture above shows Geoff Rippengale being trained in Ginco usage and what part of the new cabin looks like inside following its refurb.

Brentwood Old Cabin - resized         Brentwood New Cabin resized                  Brentwood New Loading Area & Batch Cabin resized

Before                                                                      After                                     After Close Up