Cable Thefts – Update

The series of cable thefts recently suffered in the East Midlands area seems to have tailed off for the time being, perhaps as a consequence of the arrest of five suspects in Humberside in recent months. At this time no evidential link has been established against the suspects in relation to offences suffered by CEMEX and there can be no room for complacency.

Our sites are still vulnerable.  Colleagues are again urged to take preventative measures wherever possible. By far the most effective measure is to thwart the potential theft of cable by effectively and at all times safely burying it; utilising sleepers or similar to prevent easy removal.

Colleagues are reminded, in the recent spate, offenders were able to remove cabling leaving live ends and/or unearthed live machinery. If your site is victim of a cable theft, please ensure all measures are taken to render the area and affected machinery safe before further action.

‘Our security is a collective responsibility ~ please play your part!’