Caught In The Act.…….

Recently our routine security analysis identified that an investigation was required at a Central Readymix plant. We also received a call from a member of staff reporting that ‘something didn’t feel right’ on the site as the investigation commenced.

Various surveillance techniques were deployed and it soon became apparent that some materials were leaving site outside of normal CEMEX business processes. In addition, a quantity of scrap metal was observed to be collected, again outside of our normal procedures.

Two employees were interviewed, shown evidence and admitted that materials had been sold for cash.

Fraud and theft of CEMEX materials and property of this nature affects all employees. It affects business performance, including OCF and CVA results which link to bonus payments. It can even affect decisions on the viability of sites to remain open.

For the individuals concerned this has resulted in the loss of their livelihood. The matter has also been reported to the Police which is a normal CEMEX Policy. Consequently, the individuals are likely to gain a criminal record, possibly even a custodial sentence, reducing the likelihood of future employment and affecting their ability to support their homes and families.

Chris Leese comments: “Fortunately cases like this are relatively infrequent as I know that the vast majority of Readymixers are honest and play for the Team, not for themselves. Theft of company property is, in fact, theft from everyone who works for the company because in the end our salary and bonus payments are based upon the ability of the company to make profit. It makes me very sad that some people are prepared to steal from all of us and I give you all my commitment that we will continue to work very hard to ensure that this type of behaviour is always tracked down and dealt with. If anyone has any concerns please don’t hesitate to raise them.”

The Security Department has a range of techniques available to detect all types of criminal and fraudulent activity. If such activities are occurring it will be detected with potentially devastating consequences for those involved.

Please report anything suspicious to a member of the Security Team in full confidence. Contact numbers are on the yellow posters on site and office noticeboards, or feel free to call the Team at Rugby on 01788 517320.