CEMEX Global Integrated Report

If you haven’t already seen it for the first time, CEMEX has issued a single Integrated Report for the 2016 reporting cycle. This report communicates a single narrative for all of our stakeholders, identifying the link between our company’s strategy, governance, and financial and sustainability performance.

During 2016, we made positive progress on our strategic priorities and achieved strong financial results, despite strong headwinds, surpassing or exceeding all of our targets on our path to regain our investment grade capital structure. We continued to provide a high-performance, rewarding, and above all, safe workplace environment, reaffirming our Zero4Life commitment. CEMEX’s Superior Customer Experience and digital transformation strategy were launched in order to achieve our goal to become the most customer-centric company in our industry.

Through our sustainability strategy we expanded our green building and concrete pavement portfolio, achieved significant progress to lower our carbon footprint and continued to empower CEMEX’s communities through our high-impact social strategy.

You are all encouraged to read the report to understand why we are enthusiastic about our future. The 2016 Integrated Report, “Integrated Strategy for a Better Future,” is available at: