CEMEX Rail Solutions’ New Sleeper

CEMEX Rail solutions at Washwood Heath have just started production of a G55 Cable Management Sleeper. This sleeper range provides a solution for getting cables for signalling and telecommunications safely across the track.

This is the 3rd Sleeper in their range of cable management sleepers following the successful introduction of the EG53 Sleeper for shallow depth plain line and GV54 for switches and crossings.

G55 will be used on full depth plain line track alongside our standard G44 sleepers with its first application likely to be on the Staffordshire Alliance project.

Previous solutions were either construction of under track crossings at a cost of £10K to £20K, or use of pipes laid in the ballast which could be damaged by track tamping equipment.

CEMEX Rail Solutions Sales Manager, Andy Carey, commented: “A measure of how pleased our customers are with cable management sleepers was a comment from Chris Binns (Head of Engineering on Thameslink Project) who listed the Cable Management Sleeper (type EG53) as one of the major achievements of the whole project in a presentation at a Track Engineering Conference I attended last week in London.”