Climafuel Production Starts at Malpass

Following the construction phase during 2014, SITA began commissioning their new Climafuel production plant at Malpass in January.

Initial deliveries of waste were received into the facility at the beginning of February and the first load of finished Climafuel was received into Rugby Plant on 1st March. We will be reviewing the quality closely over the next few days to ensure it meets our specification but regular deliveries to site are expected to start over the next few days.

This is an important milestone in our 25 year partnership with SITA as both companies have put in a great deal of effort to get the project to this stage. The facility will be receiving up to 300Kt per year of input waste and this will come from mainly commercial and industrial sources but SITA also have a contract to receive some municipal waste from Northamptonshire. In combination with the other SITA facility at Landor St in Birmingham, SITA will eventually supply all of the Climafuel required for Rugby Plant.

Last week, 10 members of the SITA team that will be operating Malpass visited Rugby Plant to have a presentation of how our process works and they also went out onto site to see how the Climafuel is received and fed into the kiln. Return visits for the CEMEX team to visit Malpass will be organised over the next 2 weeks to improve their understanding of how the SITA plant will operate and how best to optimise the fuel quality. These visits will also help to promote good communication links between the plants as this will be essential to get maximum benefit from our partnership with SITA.