CO2 Savings Are Better For Everyone

Eurovia and Cheshire East Highways recently visited the Dove Holes Asphalt Plant and Quarry. These two key clients came to meet CEMEX to discuss the CO2 savings made on the council contract in 2017, and to have key staff members see how our materials are produced as part of their Continual Professional Development.

Estimated CO2 savings were 3.8 kgs per tonne of asphalt material achieved by using an ECO binder and natural gas in production. This equates to 49,400kgs of CO2 saved on this contract alone. The meeting was collaborative and resulted in continuing these commitments into 2018.

Cheshire East Highways commented that it was: “An extremely informative and interactive day which enhances our commitment to our home grown talent and their Continual Professional Development. This undoubtedly reinforces our continued drive to reduce C02 emissions on all aspects of delivery in the Borough of Cheshire East.”

Steph Fox from Cheshire East Highways also found the day very worthwhile and commented: “The visit to the Quarry gave us an insight into the process of making the material that we so regularly use in the Capital Delivery Team.  All of the employees from Eurovia and CEMEX were very knowledgeable and explained all the processes at the Quarry. Many thanks to Eurovia and CEMEX, and all involved.”

Thanks to all who attended the meeting with special mention to Dove Holes’ Hayden Gill and Stephen Leigh, for both their hospitality on the day and their input during the meeting, and to Paul Fletcher for compiling all the CO2 figures for the presentations.  Thanks also to Peter Hoare (Asphalt Sales Rep) who organised the event and to Lex Luxon (National Commercial Manager for Asphalt) and Aaron McDowell (Table Lead Planner from Preston Brooke) for attending the event.