Congratulations Tamsin And Jas On Being Our Digital Commercial Model Business Stakeholders

Stuart Keighley updates us here with some very positive news about Digital Commercial Model (DCM).

“In 2017 our new DCM is a key component of Customer Centricity efforts and aims to transform the Customer Experience with CEMEX making us much ‘easier to do business with’. Many workshops have already helped us identify the key processes and systems we should target in the ‘Customer Journey’ and our Process and IT Teams are now busy working with IBM to progress new solutions. It is vitally important that the business is effectively represented during the development, validation and testing phases to ensure that we get it right and that we prioritise our efforts.

I am delighted to advise you that Tamsin Rodriguez and Jas Munday (currently in Logistics Administration) have been accepted to be our UK nominations to work with the Development Teams as ‘Business Stakeholders’. Tamsin and Jas will be seconded to the Global DCM project and be based in Prague for the next 12 months. Tamsin will be Product Stakeholder in the Orders & Product Catalogue Initiative and Jas will be Product Stakeholder in the Delivery Schedule Initiative. Please join me in wishing them every success in this very challenging and different assignment. Knowing them both very well I am confident they are excellent candidates to support our Digital Transformation.

I am very pleased to announce that Lucy Birch (currently our Team Leader in National Sales Administration) has accepted our invitation to step up and act as our Customer Services Manager in Tamsin’s temporary absence. I am counting on your support for Lucy to ensure we have a seamless transition. This change is effective from Monday 13th February.”