Denge Is Producing The Goods

Denge introduced a new way of working by putting a 360 excavator on to a pontoon. This machine is now working on the water excavating under water to a depth of 8/9 metres. Thames Shipping have been contracted to supply CEMEX at Denge with a barge, tug and pontoon to transport excavated material to a stock pile at the Plant area, this is at a cost per tone.

This new way of working has given the site an extra 8/10 years of life.

January was the first full month of production in Denge with the new equipment. The site planned to have a reduced production of 10,000 tonnes as they needed to understand the new equipment and make sure that it was safe in the new operation. The site and Thames Shipping exceeded this and produced 11,500 tonnes of ARB. During January the site lost 16 deliveries of barges due to poor weather and a breakdown. These barges would of supplied the site with another 3/3,500 tonnes of ARB!

Well done to the team and Thames Shipping staff at Denge Quarry.