Dove Holes Asphalt…. A Performance In 2015 To Rival Leicester City?!

At the end of 2014 Dove Holes Asphalt plant was 30th out of 31 Asphalt plants in terms of OCF having made a small loss.

Following this disappointment a new strategy was put in place which involved a focus on limestone mixes as opposed to hard-stone, increased use of recycled planings and targeting customers within closer radials in order to help make vehicle planning more efficient. The final piece of the jigsaw was a move away from the established centralised planning model and a move to a more localised planning model – whilst the orders are still taken at Preston Brook the responsibility with planning the deliveries moved to Sharon Lomas located at Dove Holes.

As a result, the combination of all the above actions and all the hard work from all the individuals and Teams involved has seen Dove Holes Asphalt become the most improved Asphalt plant in 2015, in terms of OCF (>3000% improvement from an OCF perspective) – and finished the year 7th in the league table of 31 plants. The target for 2016 is for Dove Holes Asphalt to join the £1m OCF club….

Well done to all those involved in such a fabulous turn-a-round.