Ethics, Bribery And Competition Training

CEMEX takes compliance with all laws and regulations as well as our reputation as an employer and company very seriously. To help with this for a number of years we have run on-line training courses as well as some auditing to ensure everyone is aware of our policies on these important topics. We do this to help protect both you as an employee and the company. The penalties for not complying with laws and regulations for CEMEX and you as an individual can be significant. For that reason our legal Director, Jason Smalley, wants to let you know about three matters – ethics, bribery and competition.  Be assured this is all routine and there is nothing to be unduly worried about.

Jason comments: “Some of you may already have received an invitation to participate in an ETHOS survey in relation to the CEMEX Code of Ethics. If you have received this request, even though participation is voluntary, I encourage you to complete the survey which takes less than 10 mins as it will be a great help to the company.

Secondly, a new Anti-Bribery and Corruption course has been developed which will be launched sometime in June. Should you receive a request to take part then you are required to do so. This will help you and CEMEX.

Finally, we expect a new Competition training course to be launched during this year. Again, if you receive a request to take the training course then you are required to do so. Again, this will help you and the company.

Just to be clear then, the Ethos survey is voluntary but please do complete it if you are asked as it will help the company. However, if you are asked to take part in the Anti-Bribery and Competition courses then these are required for those who have been very carefully selected to complete them.

I’d appreciate your support and prompt attention if you are asked to participate in any or all of these training requests. If you have any questions or concerns then please do contact myself in Legal or Carol Killham in HR Development.”