Handsome New Trucks for Cement Logistics

Cement Logistics are currently taking delivery of x26 new Bulk Powder road tankers, six of which have a striking new livery.

DSCI resizedIncorporated in the supply deal was a special livery pack that continues our previous ‘Union Jack’ theme and our Corporate Vision of “Helping to Build a Greater Britain” for x6 of the new trailers.

All of the new tanks also feature enhanced safety features and efficiency benefits that have been identified as part of Cement Logistics CVA+ 2016 and last year’s Employee Engagement Mini Survey feedback sessions, these include:

  • Improved LED working lights to the rear and side of the trailer
  • LED road lighting (rear lights, brake lights, side markers)
  • Repeater (flashing/LED) side marker lights operated by left/right indicators
  • High level rear LED lights (including strobes) at top of tank rear facing
  • Lighter by 4% (200kgs) – smaller M3 and alloy wheelsAdditional pipe carrier to avoid need to roll up pipes (reduces damages and potential emissions)
  • LED digital weigh gauges
  • Lower reverse camera for safe cleaning and improved vision
  • Low level suzi coupling removing the need to work at height
  • Ergonomically friendly “Jump Hose” housing that enable driver to bring device lower and closer for coupling air supply
  • Higher discharge pipe reducing the need for low level coupling/uncoupling of “tank to silo” pipe
  • Larger and more visible “Caution Boards” to further enhance hazard to Vulnerable Road Users

The new tanks are a huge step forwards in improving Health & Safety both on the Public Highway and whilst making customer deliveries. The added benefit of the livery package is a great advertisement of our brand and our commitment to the Health & Safety of our drivers and the general public.