It’s Voting Time…. No, Not Politics But Concrete!

No, you didn’t miss the General Election but here’s another opportunity to vote. On BBC2 Thursday, 15th June at 8.30pm, there’s a programme Britain’s Greatest Inventions in which concrete has been shortlisted as one of seven greatest inventions.

Voting will take place during the show which is being aired live from the Science Museum. Other inventions featured are antibiotics, the fridge, the jet engine, the mobile phone, the steam engine, the television and of course, concrete.  Each invention has a celebrity ‘champion’ and concrete’s champion is DIY SOS presenter, Nick Knowles.

To vote go to:

Why has concrete been shortlisted –  invented by Joseph Aspdin (Portland Cement) in 1824, it has been called the invention that shaped the horizon and is the most used man-made material on Earth. Each year we produce around three tonnes for every person in the world and 70% of the global population live in homes made with concrete.  There are lots more interesting facts and details of the programme at: