Live our Values: Work as One CEMEX

Our competitive advantage is in our collective strength, our ability to work as One CEMEX regardless of the working environment that precedes us.

CEMEX is a global company organized by business units grouped in geographical areas; although we come from all these different working environments and cultural backgrounds there is one important fact that binds us together: we are all part of this global company, which is CEMEX.

As a large company we generate knowledge, practices, and experiences that create value in different business units on a daily basis; sharing them on a global scale, as well as our individual professional experiences, is what emerges as an essential asset that contributes to CEMEX’s success.

Through our six Global Networks:  Shift communities, Wikis, and Weblogs, just to name a few, we started to share information and best practices – this must be our way to work, and truly our competitive advantage!

It is only by working together as one CEMEX that we can:

•    Leverage our global knowledge to our local Share ideas globally to maximize our individual contributions
•    Value the people who replicate best practices as much as those who create them
•    Always act in the company’s best interest

The phrase “One Global CEMEX” describes our working philosophy where commitment, teamwork and knowledge spreading, benefits CEMEX as a whole regardless business units, geographical locations or departments.

By working as One CEMEX we will get better results.