Looking Back…..

Gavin Cowen, Plant Director at Tilbury, was digging back through his filing cabinet when he came across some historical photos tracing back the history of cement making in the Thames estuary. 

Here are a few sample photos but there are more to be seen in the Powerpoint in the download section of UK News.

Looking back no. 2 resized 2There’s something pride inspiring to still be part of an industry providing jobs and money for the economy since 1850.

The first operations dug the lime out by hand, but over the years you see the introduction of machinery from steam and horse power to our mechanised plant of today.  In 1960 there were seven cement works in the Medway towns – from Rochester to Maidstone.

Looking back no. 3 resized 2The 1911 tug of war champion’s photo is particularly interesting showing the employees of yesteryear and one of the first trade associations – the Amalgamated Portland Cement Manufacturers!