Most Excellent – Just Ci….

Congratulations go to the team at Temple quarry – this month’s Just Ci winners. 

The team sourced a new and inexpensive replacement for the very old and worn lower section of the basin of their Stamford Lignite Classifier (see images).

Due to its age a replacement couldn’t be found.  They were originally quoted £4,500 to make and replace this section, however, the team weren’t satisfied with this and instead found an elastomer product from Belzona at only £242 to rebuild the liner.

Well done to the team for taking this initiative and finding an alternative.  Op Ex at its finest….

Congratulations to the other nominated teams who have all made improvements:  Freemans quarry, Dove Holes, Jarrow Wharf, Raynes quarry and Wharf, and Holt quarry.