MPA Presents Its Views On The Post-BREXIT Situation To Parliamentarians

MPA led the discussion in the House of Commons to the All Party Group for Mining and Quarrying on the situation post-BREXIT as seen from the industry point of view. There was general agreement that it was still very volatile and the Parliamentarians all thought that there should be no rush to implement Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which formally starts the ‘divorce’ proceedings with Europe.

There was agreement too that the most problematic issue for the industry was the uncertainty about future investment by both Government and private developers and that that would probably mean a flat production volume this year and a lower than forecast volume in 2017. MPA highlighted that it was now more crucial than ever that plans to invest in infrastructure and initiatives such as Hinkley Point, the third runway in the South East, and the Northern Powerhouse are delivered without delay.

The MPA is currently reviewing the implications of BREXIT on issues of direct interest to members. This will take account of the MPA’s pre-referendum Members Briefing issued in May as its source material, together with emerging information, and analyse relevant issues in more detail.

The initial list of topics under review includes: politics, economy, markets, taxation, standards, skills, trade, carbon, directives and EU trade associations.

Clearly, some aspects may have to wait until the ambitions for the UK and the new model of trading relationships is clearer, although there are some that can be foreseen in short order and the next Briefing will be issued on 12 July. Others will follow as and when key issues that are currently uncertain become clearer.

For further information on the MPA’s industry view go to:  Mineral Products Organisation