New Aggregate Weigh Hopper For Bristol

Bristol Concrete Plant has recently had a new aggregate weigh hopper fabricated and fit by Response Engineering. This meant that the Plant was on a week’s downtime once they returned to work in 2016.

The work that was carried meant that one side of a building had to be taken down to get the weigh hopper in.  A hazardous task that was constantly monitored by A.Hoskins/R.Priday, and was carried out with the minimal of fuss.  The Health & Safety standards from Response were excellent.

While the Plant was not producing several other maintenance tasks were carried out, including the installation of a ‘Stone Out’ bay for the IHCs, which will drastically reduce wash waste costs (and keep the Plant tidier). The pan mixer was also given a thorough clean/service, with 5 refurbished wash heads fit, which will help maintain the cleanliness of the mixer.  This will also help with Customer Focus and the quality of our products.

Andrew Hoskins, Ops Supervisor, commented: “Thanks must go to Kevin Dodsworth and Lance Higgs for ensuring CAPEX money was available to authorise the installation of the weigh hopper.

And special thanks must go to Rhydian Priday, Mark Dixon (Plant Manager), Nigel Street (Relief), Keith Vincent (Relief), Nigel Gawenda and Jim Derrick (Company Fitter) who all worked like Trojans to ensure the plant maintenance was all up to date and the Plant was cleaned from top to bottom.”