New CEMEX Rail Supplier To Transport Our Aggregates

We have recently agreed a new contract with GB Railfreight for the haulage of Aggregates to key markets. The contract is set to run until 2023. In total CEMEX UK transports 2.6 million tonnes of Aggregate by rail making significant environmental savings –  a 22 wagons train can transport 1,650 tonnes by journey equivalent to 55 truck journeys.

The new contract will see GB Railfreight hauling CEMEX Aggregates from their Dove Holes Quarry in the Peak District to depots at Salford, Leeds, Selby, Ely, Bletchley and Birmingham. The contract will also include two services running out of South Wales, with one travelling from Cardiff to Acton and Crawley, and the other from Neath to Birmingham and Leeds.

Over the course of the contract, GB Railfreight will be supplying five sets of hopper wagons, four of which will work out of Dove Holes and one from South Wales. The trains will be up to 22 hopper wagons long.

Mark Grimshaw-Smith, Head of Rail and Sea, CEMEX UK comments: “We are delighted to announce the award of the CEMEX Aggregates hopper traffic contract to GB Rail Freight. GBRf has a reputation for service and reliability in our sector and we needed to see a step change in the effective delivered capacity from our Quarry to our depots to support our Readymix and Asphalt businesses as well as our external customers. So far we have seen a difference in approach and our Depot Managers in particular are reporting a more customer focused experience which can only help us to grow the volume on this contract.”