Newbridge Investment Pays Off

Investment in a replacement mobile crusher at Newbridge Quarry has allowed the company to make full use of a busy local market in January, as well as providing a better quality product.

The new machine, which replaces a 17 year old one, benefits from newer technology. It helps to increase efficiency and save on fuel.

The increased throughput possible and improved reliability of the crusher helped us achieve sales of over 23,500 tonnes in January (which was 77% ahead of budget volumes and a record for January at Newbridge).  The Metso LT1213’s feeder is fitted with a “live grizzly section” prior to the crusher which allows for more efficient scalping off of plastic fines than was previously possible.

Credit also needs to go to the Newbridge staff: Tom, Chris, Simon, Ron and Les for their “can do” attitude in often challenging conditions.

Also arrived recently from SMT is our newly refurbished Volvo A35D ADT which is another improvement in equipment standards to help the Quarry move forward.