One year on from devastation….. South Ferriby is back and in production!

On 5th December 2014, at 23:00 hours kiln 2 at South Ferriby Plant was lit for the first time in a year, not without one or two teething problems and sleepless nights. The first clinker was produced on 9th December and the first delivery of South Ferriby cement went out the gate on 11th December 2014.

Just one year earlier, on 5th December 2013 high tides, strong winds and low atmospheric pressure resulted in the River Humber breaching flood defences and deluging South Ferriby cement plant and surrounding community with water up to 2 metres high.

South Ferriby cement plant was devastated by the flood; kiln 2 was stopped mid production with hot material in it causing severe damage and the 11,000 volt electricity supply was cut off destroying 30 switchrooms and 2 substations.  Since then over 6.4 kilometres of high voltage cable has been laid to create a new infrastructure of cables to supply the various operations throughout the site and a 22 metre section of the 65 metre long kiln has been replaced.

Phil Baynes-Clarke commented “to get kiln 2 online has required a tremendous effort and commitment from everyone and we should be very proud of what we have achieved.  A big thank you and congratulations go to everyone involved, both at the plant and to those who have worked tirelessly in other parts of the business to support South Ferriby whilst the plant has been rebuilt.  We are not finished yet, to be producing clinker and cement once again is incredibly important for the plant and also for the UK CEMEX business.”