Operational Excellence – Simple Is Best

As you may be aware we are gradually rolling out our operational excellence methodology throughout our operations.  A cracking team of experts are visiting different parts of the UK to talk teams through the ideas and identify ways to get rid of processes and things that we no longer need and to introduce new efficient ways to improve what we do.

One idea which Jason Barker has come up with during some of these visits with Asphalt is to standardise and colour code our bitumen delivery pipes to three colours.  This would avoid tanker drivers connecting to the wrong tank and putting the wrong product into the tanks.

Jason commented: “We lock our tanks and issue a key for the padlock.  If we roll out a colour coded system, it would be more difficult to connect to the wrong tank – green keyring and green pipe.  You may ask if we lock the flange how can it go wrong? Sometimes bitumen makes the padlock stick to the flange and doesn’t lock, and the tanker driver can connect to the wrong tank and put the wrong product in the wrong tank.”

Jason thinks it’s such a good idea that he is going to try and get it instigated as an industry standard.  A simple idea but one that can save a lot of wasted time and effort sorting out a mistake.