Readymix ‘Bite Sized’ Commercial Conference…

The Readymix Commercial Leadership team met at Benn Hall Rugby on 9th November to review key actions for the remainder of 2016 and clarify plans for 2017. VP, Chris Leese, posed three questions to everyone about the impact they have, how they can influence others and how things can be done differently.

The first subject as always was a review of Health and Safety performance and improvement plans, followed by an update from Stuart Keighley on customer service achievements and initiatives. He also explained the plan to move to a “Net Promoter Score” in the future to standardise customer service measurement across CEMEX globally.

Chris summarised the financial results for the business and planned targets for the future, and he focused minds onto ensuring we use the right plant, our own trucks and the optimum mix. Marcus Rappensberger explained the plans for pricing going forward and Craig Williamson presented latest news on the sales incentive programme.

Steve Crompton and James Fairclough completed the day with a review of our innovative value added products and latest new product launches at exhibitions. The priorities for 2017 are to keep everyone safe, grow the business and capture fair value.