Readymix Think Tank

Readymix UK has recently launched its pricing think tank.  The aim of the Think Tank, headed up by Damon Montgomery, is to support  the RMX business here and globally to help reach the greener RMX planet. 

Chris Leese, VP of UK Readymix, commented: “This is possibly the most important initiative within Readymix this year!  The Think Tank exists to generate new ideas and to recommend strategies that will make sure we exceed our commercial targets.  The Team has been carefully selected and I am confident they will deliver.”

Their thinking looks beyond business as usual to continuously improve the RMX business.  Share knowledge efficiently within UK Readymix and globally, and to place UK RMX at the centre of all their actions so that they will be at the ‘top table’ of CEMEX Readymix global network success.

We look forward to hearing more about their plans and successes in the future.  To find out more go onto the Think Tank page in Shift via the Readmix community.