Rugby Cement Mill 5 Completes Safe Shutdown

Rugby Cement Plant safely completed its biannual Cement Mill 5 shutdown last week.

Most importantly, there were no safety incidents or first aid treatments and the shutdown was completed on time and to budget.  The key activities were:

  • Replacement of the cement mill diaphragm with the re-grading of the first chamber grinding media
  • Repair of the main 1,700Kw motor, including the replacement of the motor bearings
  • Replacement of the bucket elevator chain, with the installation of the newly designed safety system for access
  • Generic maintenance to all auxiliary plant, including conveyor belts and dust filters

Collaboration was at its best between all Teams; our own staff and up to 31 contractors working 24 hours a day for the period of the shutdown.  Credit to the Rugby Plant Team for successful execution of this project.