Sand Heron Sails Off to Warmer Climes…

CEMEX UK Marine recently sold the Sand Heron.  Kurt Cowdry, Director Marine Aggregates, explains. “We laid the keel in 1989 and had the ship delivered to us to start operating in 1990, so she has been sold at 31 years old, the Sand Heron served us well, very well.

Operating mainly on the South Coast with some excursions to the Thames and CEMEX France, the Sand Heron has been integral to our Marine and Aggregates business.  However, she was replaced by CEMEX Go Innovation this year.

Negotiations were difficult and protracted with CGI Integration, COVID and Middle East requirements taking their time, however, we successfully concluded the sale with HAC Cranes in Germany who will look to operate the ship in Kuwait.  This is a great strategic outcome for our fleet and will take CEMEX Marine forwards in developing our long-term strategy.

Special thanks to the team that helped to execute the sale: Mark Lindeque, Mark Williams and Vishal Puri.”

Thanks to Graham Singleton, Marine Resource and Systems Manager, for the original photo of the Sand Heron from the brochure when she was first bought by RMC!