Save Energy…..

As winter and the dark days are upon us please remember to do all you can to save electricity where you work.  As you will all know from your household bills the price of electricity isn’t going down, this is the same for our industry.  Over the last 3 years our electricity costs have risen by 43%. UK electricity costs are the highest of all developed countries and second overall!!

Our business is an energy gobbling one… and we all need to do our little bit to save energy.

Think about switching off lights, only boiling the kettle once with the right amount of water in, switching off your computers at the end of the day and making sure heaters are turned off in offices/messrooms, and don’t leave machinery running unnecessarily.

Every little bit helps. With the likes of Tilbury Grinding Plant leading the way – now producing more tones per hour with less electricity (May 2009 they produced 82 tonnes per hour with a KWh/t of 39.9, this June they produced 114 tph with a kWh/t of only 29.5) – we can all help to reduce our energy costs.