Security CCTV Success!

Thanks to Steve the Security Guard at Thorpe two fuel thieves have been apprehended at Aston Readymix. We have recently been suffering from targeted fuel theft from plants, particularly road fuel from IHC’s at Readymix plants.

On Monday 9th February Steve, the Security Guard on duty at Thorpe, detected intruders at Aston Readymix who were clearly intent on stealing fuel. This site has been targeted on several occasions in recent months and the Police have previously been unable to catch the criminals.

Steve immediately phoned the Police who sent a number of units to the site where 2 people have been arrested and detained. In addition, their vehicle and equipment such as drums and siphoning tubes have been confiscated.

This follows another recent success where CEMEX CCTV footage of fuel theft from Gloucestershire supported the prosecution and imprisonment of individuals caught stealing fuel from a number of businesses in the local area. Well done Steve and the Thorpe Security Team!