Sheffield’s Biggest Train Delivery So Far…..

2017 has seen a big upturn in the consistency of supply from box wagons into Sheffield depot.

They were running with an average of 18 wagons in midweek and 11 on a Saturday, giving a weekly delivery total of 4,225 tonnes that often required additional road support to ensure they had sufficient volume to supply the local Readymix Plants and the external market.

Due to work from Nicola Drabble, Nick Watson and Adam Rickett (DB Cargo), they now have 24 brand new high capacity MMA wagons each carrying 75 tonnes payload per wagon.  That is a whopping increase, per train load, of 1,850 tonnes per delivery – the equivalent to 64 articulated lorry movements.  That now means they can get over 7,400 tonnes in a week, by rail, over the four paths available.

Come on Sales Teams – get those orders in and let’s get batching!!!!