Small Idea, Big Saving

Ryall Quarry won Aggregates Just CI ‘Best Idea’ of the month back last November.  The idea is very simple but is saving them a lot of money on their electricity bills.

At the Quarry they have a silt pump which sends silt back to the lagoon during processing.  As the Plant is constructed in a hollow it also acts as a drainage pump for the site during wet weather. The pump used to start automatically as it was fitted with level sensors; this was happening through red band times and through triads which proved to be an expensive drainage pump.

They tried turning the pump off overnight but the yeard used to fill with water, particularly in wet weather, which made it hazardous to approach the powerhouse in the mornings. It also risked the bearings on the pump due to the water ingress and delayed start up times whilst they waited for the yard to be pumped.

They have now installed a timer which shuts the pump off at 4pm (red band power) to 8pm.  This reduces the expensive running costs and also stops the yard filling with water. The timer was only £103 to buy and has already saved them much more in energy costs.  Well done team Ryall…