Stronger CEMEX European Announcement

In case you didn’t see the email last week, please see below the organisational changes in the European region.  Congratulations to Andy Spencer, Martin Casey and Derek O’Donnell (already European HR) for their new roles.

Dear colleagues,

As we announced last July, we have started implementing our Stronger CEMEX program, designed to accelerate our path to regain our investment grade and speed-up our growth, while becoming a more customer centric organisation.

As part of these efforts, I would like to announce the following organisational changes:

CEMEX Europe

Aiming at further strengthening a customer-centric organisation, and improving our commercial offering, while achieving operational efficiencies, CEMEX Europe will be managed as one business unit, as opposed to a series of individual country organisations.

Our cement business, including commercial, operations and supply chain, will be managed regionally, while the ready-mix and aggregates businesses (now called Materials) will be managed in two regions: The West region, encompassing the U.K., Spain and France; and the Central region, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia and Croatia. All support functions will also be managed regionally.

The CEMEX Europe region will continue to be led by Jaime Elizondo, President CEMEX Europe, with the following management team:

Juan Carlos Herrera, Cement Commercial

Fernando Enriquez, Cement Operations

Graham Russell, Supply Chain and Procurement

Michel Andre, West Europe Materials

Rudiger Kuhn, Central Europe Materials

Marcelo Catala, Related Businesses, Marketing, and Customer Experience

Andrew Spencer, Sustainability

Izabella Rokicka, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

Martin Casey, Public Affairs

Jose Cascajero, Strategic Planning

Derek O’Donnell, Human Resources

Francisco Javier Mota, Health and Safety

Luis Oropeza, will retire after 33 years of a successful career with the company.

Pedro Palomino, will retire after 23 years of a successful career with the company.

We want to thank Luis and Pedro for their contribution and commitment to CEMEX and wish them success in their new endeavors.

The remaining members of the former management team, Velimir Vilovic, Director for CEMEX in Croatia, and Hermann Dietrich, Director for CEMEX in Czech Republic, have been ratified in new roles in the regional organisation.

Thank you all again for your commitment, I am confident that I can count on your support to build a stronger CEMEX.

Best regards,

Fernando A. Gonzalez