What Does To Act With Integrity Mean?

Fernando Gonzalez, our Global CEO, wrote this blog to explain what our global value to act with integrity means to him.

“I want to share some insights about our fifth and final value: Act with Integrity. Through this value we conduct our lives in a way where our actions speak louder than words. Integrity means we do what we say we’ll do, live up to our commitments and respect our co-workers.

Following our Code of Ethics, we must conduct all of our interactions honestly, transparently, and positively, while caring for our people and our World’s natural resources.

We build trust and collaboration by keeping our promises, leading by example, and aligning our words with our actions.

To act honestly and transparently in every interaction, we must not only understand right from wrong, but also practice what we preach. We must further demonstrate strong moral judgment, maintain trusting relationships, and encourage the open expression of views and opinions.

Consistent with our Code of Ethics, we are compelled to always do the right thing. This may require courage in the face of conflict and a willingness to make tough decisions that are in the best interests of the company.

High standards of integrity require us to care for our people, our communities, and our natural resources – demonstrating a clear devotion to the World in which we live. At CEMEX we are completely devoted to keeping our promises. We are people who our customers and suppliers can rely on to do the right thing.

As a leading global company we are the best at what we do and how we do it. Accordingly, I count on your full support to reach ever-higher goals to build a better, stronger future for CEMEX”.

Although this article is in the Best for Shareholders section, our actions and behaviours at work really span all of our stakeholder groups.